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Eliminating Graffiti in the New Orleans Metro Area


Text Box: Operation: Clean Sweep, Inc.’s Anti-Graffiti Task Force takes PRIDE in our community by preventing and removing graffiti.  The focus of this program is to work with educators, law enforcement, residents and business owners to control and prevent the damaging effects of graffiti, through ERADICATION, ENFORCEMENT AND EDUCATION.  
Graffiti is everyone’s problem and everyone’s responsibility.  Graffiti on public and private property not only decreases property values, it destroys our neighborhoods and creates a negative image of our entire city.

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Anti-Graffiti Task ForceOperation Clean Sweep's BlogText Box: We welcome Neighborhood Associations, Civic Associations, Public Organizations and anyone who wishes to link us on their website so that we may be of service to you and others that need help with graffiti cleanup.  Just copy the following code into your site!
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Now available! New Orleans City Council Meeting Footage, See it now!

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For more information, please call:
The Graffiti Hotline
(504) 486—9694
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To Date:Text Box: Operation Clean Sweep is available for Speaking Engagements!  
If your organization would like us to come speak with you about graffiti and/or address a graffiti situation, we welcome the opportunity, give us a call on our hotline:  (504) 486-9694

The Graffiti Hotline

(504) 486—9694

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The OCS, Inc works with the community to assist with graffiti prevention, through deterrent programs and strict legal enforcement to eliminate future vandalism.


The OCS, Inc. works with the community to increase awareness of anti-graffiti programs and services available.  New Orleans and Metro residents and business owners can benefit by anti-graffiti education programs. 


Eradication of graffiti denies vandals the recognition they want.  OCS, Inc. removal crews are working hard to keep New Orleans clean, by providing removal services, through sponsorships.


The OCS, inc. Is dedicated to improving the quality of life for New Orleans and Metro residents, through the development of anti-graffiti programs, educational programs, and by controlling graffiti to preserve the environment. 


Learning about graffiti vandalism is crucial to preventing young adults from getting involved in activities that destroy property and our community.  OCS, Inc. provides graffiti programs for elementary and high school students.