Eliminating Graffiti in the New Orleans Metro Area


Ordinances / Law


One Block at a Time

Text Box: 2008 Regular Session by Representatives Ligi and Leger
Criminal Damage to Property—Defacing with Graffiti:  
ACT No. 8, H.B. No. 163
Anyone caught doing Graffiti with more than $500 
damage to property can be sentenced to two (2) years 
in prison, plus fine; The higher the damage, the higher the sentence, plus fine.

New Orleans Ordinance # 021916, Mar. 17, 2005
Mural Ordinance—Any mural put in the city of New Orleans without a permit and approval of a City Mural Commission will be fined $500.00.

New Orleans Ordinance # 19086, Nov. 5, 1998
Graffiti Ordinance—$500 fine for ANY Property Owner who leaves graffiti on their property for more than 30 days.

The Graffiti Hotline

(504) 486—9694

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